Peter Carlotto (California)


From making special tools for odd jobs, to knitting chainmaille from a spool of stainless steel, it's fun and entertaining to solve problems and do something new and different. I have several friends who test me with some interesting problems; that's you, Jan, Alex, Mike K, Mike M, Tony, and Schocker.

Prototyping and Fabrication

"Your vision materialized"

The shop is getting much use. Added to the automotive lift and welding equipment (Gas, MIG, TIG and the Hydrogen Generator) is a CNC mill and a 14" x 48" lathe expanding the capability of projects and prototype work. Having access to a Roland MDX-40A 3-axis mini-mill helps in making small parts.

Trailer tow-ball wrench
Milling tool path for dolly chain sprocket adapter
Mount for adding sheetmetal brake to a sheetmetal shear
Close up of welded mount
1st prototype of Big Dolly
Bruce Rust Memorial Plaque
Bruce's plaque on the mill
First iteration of a bicycle brake support
2nd iteration bicycle brake support
Monogrammed with my friend Mike's initials
Wheel spacer for BMW 2002
Additional BMW wheel spacer
Cylinder Head Stands
FireArrow oil pan baffle
Oil pan baffle for a BMW 2002
500cc dirt bike side car at Hollister TT track infield
The 2002 BMW tii Project
240Z - 350 V8
DSR Road Racer
Titanium conductor's baton
Titanium baton final touches
"6-on-1" chainmaille
"4-on-1" chainmaille hood
Bicycle chain guard mount
Street version of BMW 2002 oil pan baffle
Miniturized Wheel Spacer
Engine Development test stand